Hello and welcome to Taff Bargoed Flies!

My name is Andrew, here is bit about myself and the aims of my profession. I was taught to tie flies to a good standard at 12 years of age. By the time I was sixteen I had tied and sent samples of my flies to various well known fishing companies who were selling well in the UK by working with home based tiers, this was before most of these decided to take the trade abroad to Asia / Africa etc.

After getting married and raising two fine sons I noticed that the range and quality of flies being offered to anglers today are a lot of which I would personally call poor end of the market and sparsely tied on poor forged hooks.

With this in mind I decided it was time to offer good quality hand tied flies again, made by myself and made to order for the customers needs, specs. All my flies are tied with quality materials and hooks and checked by myself.

My aim was to design a selection of personally tied flies designed to catch fish in various conditions and venues throughout the UK. Whilst browsing through the site you will see various fish caught by myself, friends and most important happy customers on our quality fly patterns.

We cana take on  Angler's own personal ideas and can tie custom flies for you also